Bluejay Herb Company


I have over 200 traditionally handcrafted Chinese and Western herbal tinctures and the inventory is growing. These tinctures are prepared using the traditional method of hot water extraction, then aged with alcohol, glycerin and/or vinegar. If you desire some high quality, handcrafted herbal tinctures or custom formulations, please contact me. Soon, I will list the herbs I have available in 1oz, 2oz, and 4oz sizes.Larger sizes are available but will have to be preordered. My initial focus is on creating proprietary formulas for Pain, Immune Enhancement, Cancer and Chronic Ailments, Sleep, Stress, and Energy. I customize herbal formulas, either tinctures or dried herbs made into tea, to meet the unique imbalances of each client I consult with. My formulas have proven the test of time throughout the many years of my practice.

May you be well, joyous and prosperous in the inner depths of your soul. I am currently developing a website,, to service you directly with my handcrafted herbal medicines and consultations.

In gratitude

David Kukkola