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“Hope is rekindled when all has been lost

and a loving hand reaches out and touches your soul.” 


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 Using his 35 plus years of experience in the Traditional Healing Arts, David offers a comprehensive traditional approach to the healing of the individual self. As a traditional healer, he integrates the Body, Mind, Heart and the Spirit of each unique individual, regardless the imbalance or discomfort and creates a healing approach for success. David emphasizes simplicity in regaining harmony and understands that health does not require perfection, regardless the condition:

Mat Style Shiatsu

Chinese/Western Herbal Medicine

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Ailments as Guides to the Soul

Mentor of Youth Rites of Passage


A Traditional Approach

Healing, regardless of the type of therapy being sought, is an attempt to tend to the ailments or symptoms afflicting us, either physically or mentally. This ancient word, “therapeutes”, originally meant “one who serves the Gods”. From this perspective, traditional healers look for the Gods within the ailment. There is no cleavage between the physical and the mental, or the somatic and psychic, united and paradoxically separate. Symptoms are seen as a gateway into the invisible world of the soul or psyche.

It has long been said that the imagination of the illness precedes its manifestation. With respect to this fantasy, as if a cry from the soul, a cure or disregard would further remove us from the Gods within the malady.

Traditional healers see the symptoms as if through the eyes of the soul. This leads us to the question, “Who is it that needs to be remembered, or what is it that has been forgotten?”

“Alas, having yet to master my own qi, I ponder the thousands of clients I have treated over the past thirty years! Had I waited to respond to that deep calling within to help alleviate some of the suffering, had I waited until I became “my own master”, would anyone have benefited?”